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Chief for Integrity at Integrity. Interview with the head of the agency Evgeny Pushhenko

We have been preparing this article for a long time, carefully collecting client questions, analyzing them and torturing our CEO so that you learn as much as possible about Integrity.
Let’s Go!

Who is Eugen Pushenko?

First of all, I am an expert in marketing and business development. In 2003 I graduated from the National Aviation University in Kiev with a degree in marketing. Since then, my life has been inextricably linked with tourism, aviation and marketing. I have come a long way from being a travel agent to commercial director of an airline and CEO of an international tour operator. For 19 years of work, I have gained a lot of experience. Before my eyes, the image of modern marketing was born and created. I remember sending out paper letters to potential clients. It was direct marketing!

I consider myself a traveler. Thanks to the employment, I have visited 42 countries of the world, lived, studied culture and mentality, talked with entrepreneurs from different countries. It helped a lot in the future when I created the Integrity marketing system. I understand what people need, what kind of headaches (problems) they have, and how they think.

I am a purposeful, passionate and active person. Over the past 5 years, I have created 10 businesses, 3 of them are successfully working. All are related to the topic of marketing, tourism and recreation. In addition to marketing and entrepreneurship, I am fond of running. I have an endless number of half marathons, the Athens classic 42 km marathon and the 100 km ultra marathon.

I consider myself a reliable person. I have been married for over 10 years. The term is not short. My marriage would not have lasted that long if I had not been the mainstay of the family. And this cannot be done without reliability. This is the same quality that I transfer to working with projects.

How did you get the idea to open an agency?

5 years ago I hit the employment job ceiling. I was already in top positions, after which there was no growth. And I wanted to develop. So the understanding came that it was time to create something of your own. I have already provided point consulting services for entrepreneurs on business development and promotion. But I wanted more. I wondered how to deliver value to clients in a holistic manner. Then the idea was born to assemble a team in order to provide customers with an integral lead generation system, and not separate services.

Where does this unusual name come from?

Integrity in translation means integrity. This is the value we want to convey to our customers. What does the concept of integrity include? Honesty; transparency; trust that arises in interaction with the client; hardness; motivation; result guarantees; awareness of the actions of the agency team; understanding the end point of work; correspondence of words to actions. We stand for the creation of clear agreements and a single vector of development in order to fulfill the client’s request. We only work with sustainable businesses and areas. That is, we do not take into work projects that, in our opinion, look opaque or criminal. This is what integrity is in our understanding.

For what services people appeal in Integrity for?

All services are on the main page of our website. We are not hiding anything from anyone. You can order targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, contextual advertising on Google, create a sales funnel, create a sales funnel for a chat bot + chat bot, create advertising visuals and websites of any complexity. The main thing to understand is that these are the tools that we use to create one holistic marketing system.

Before starting work, we carefully analyze the client’s business. We analyze his activity model, sales department, sales funnels, social networks, websites, competitors. We think over what USP (unique selling proposition) can be created based on the customer’s resources and the business system. This is how the complexity of the approach to lead generation looks in our understanding. We start from the very beginning, digging into the basics to give the client a sustainable result.

Does Integrity have priority areas of work?

We have no priority areas in our work. Each business and project is individual. Rather, we are guided by a certain formula in our work with clients. It has 3 components. Money, experience, pleasure. For the work to be successful, 2 of 3 parts of the formula must match. When this happens, we take on a project and easily make a great result.

How is the team selected? Who works for the agency?

The team is recruited based on the values ​​of the agency. All participants are selected. It includes adaptation to work in the company and testing for personal values. We look at how the person fits into the team and shares our beliefs. It is important for us that the people who come to us are for transparency, focus on results, continuous development and self-improvement. This is the basis that makes a person whole, and gives an understanding of integrity as a value. Target ads experts, context ads experts, SEOs, webmasters, designers, chat bot developers, analysts work on projects. We do not look at the age of people, the main thing is the personality of the employee and the quality of work.

How is work with projects being organized?

We have all the stages of work on the main page of the site. I’ll list it briefly again. Getting to know the client’s business / project. We define goals, objectives, scope of work. We carry out marketing analysis of the business / project. We analyze competitors. We develop an optimal strategy for promotion, identify tools for further work to attract customers. We form the targeting audience and the offer. We create ads visuals and designs for future advertising campaigns. We set up advertising, launch a campaign. We conduct tests of ad visuals and approaches throughout the week. We adjust and optimize the promotion strategy based on tests. We provide analytics of results by days, weeks, months, depending on the duration of the project.

The work is organized in such a way that a complete picture of the business is visible. I believe that the main stage is getting to know the business. Because I understand, as an entrepreneur and marketer, that businesses, their digital models and sales funnels are very different, everyone has their own customer acquisition tools.

Which case was the most successful at work?

We decided not to divide our work experience into successful and unsuccessful ones. Still, very different businesses apply to us, with different opportunities and goals. It is incorrect to compare them. In our understanding, a successful case is about achieving the client’s KPI. And from this point of view, all our projects end successfully, because every client is important to us.

What trends prevail in the marketing market in 2020?

This year, the coronavirus is setting trends around the world in marketing too. The demand for the services of marketing agencies has grown dramatically. Companies realized they needed an online segment when they lost physical contact with a potential customer. So targeted and contextual advertising is the # 1 trend in internet marketing. The need to automate the customer communication process has also increased. Companies began to order chat bots more often so as not to lose customers due to the human factor.

The USA elections have formed another trend. Facebook algorithms have tightened control over the target, so now you need to be especially careful when setting up ads. Well, and, of course, Tik-Tok. This network showed that there is a different audience, a different format of content that hits well. In Tik-Tok, a user can be easily turned into a client. Also, many well-known services offer large companies to place advertisements. The same Spotify.

Why we should choose only Integrity for cooperation?

If you have reached question 10, you have already read the previous 9. I talked about the values ​​of the agency, about the team, about my experience and about me. The main advantage of working with our agency is a holistic marketing system that the customer ultimately receives. We create an efficiently functioning marketing mix for uninterrupted customer acquisition. We work for results.